Thoughts of Sorts
Rosa Barba

The exhibition Thoughts of Sorts by Rosa Barba (Sicily, 1972) takes the gallery’s architecture as a starting point to hold a complex dialogue with some recent sculptural pieces and investigations. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from a compilation of essays by Georges Perec where he investigates the ways by which we define our place in the world, revealing in listmaking, orientating, classifying.

Exhibition Thoughts of Sorts
Artists Rosa Barba
Venue Parra & Romero, Madrid

Rosa Barba’s works encompassing sculptures, installations, text pieces, and publications are grounded in the material qualities of cinema. With her radical experimentation with the medium of cinema, the artist creates a new language. Her pieces not only dissect cinema itself but also fragment narration into different layers, implying a level of abstraction in which imagination and a conceptual approach play a decisive role.

Through her installations, Rosa Barba continues her exploration of film and its capacity to simultaneously be an immaterial medium that carries information and a physical material with sculptural properties. The category of film is expanded and abstracted beyond the literal components of the celluloid strip, the projector through which it passes and the image projected onto a screen. Each component becomes a starting point for artworks that expand on the idea of film as well as exploring its intrinsic attributes.

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