Subliminal Thaw
Richard Hughes

‘Subliminal Thaw’ an exhibition by British artist Richard Dean Hughes describes the slippery relationship between the real and hypothetical.
Hughes often revisits and describes a personal and internal space, taking artifacts, feelings and ‘visuals’ from imagined scenarios, bringing them into real-time through the manipulation of material and collisional objects.

Exhibition Subliminal Thaw
Artists Richard Hughes
Venue Nighttimestory, Los Angeles
All images All images copyright and courtesy of Nighttimestory, L.A.

His sculptures question the idea of plausibility, they question their own existence, acting as a representational display of the space in which Hughes is trying to describe. The exhibition emphasizes Hughes’s interest in the language of material and object, he creates new narratives through an exploration of duality, his works belong in two places at one time, can be 2 things at the same time; both hot and cold, utilitarian and absurd.

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