My body, this paper, this fire
Pedro Barateiro

My body, this paper, this fire by Pedro Barateiro is the second exhibition in the ‘Oomph’ series by P/////AKT. It departs from the artist’s ongoing investigation on the modes of production of narrative and image. More specifically, the exhibition reflects on the conditions of living and producing in what is called the West under social and political systems maintained within a neoliberal logic.

Exhibition My body, this paper, this fire
Artists Pedro Barateiro
Venue P/////AKT Amsterdam
Photographs Charlott Markus, courtesy of P/////AKT Amsterdam

The exhibition features several newly produced pieces as well as a brand new artist book, published in collaboration with P/////AKT and lending its title to the exhibition as an encompassing entry point. My body, this paper, this fire contains, among other things, the text that is presented as a sound installation in the space, creating subtle connections with and between the other works on display, specifically on the notion of how time is shaped by events and objects.

The sculpture Abismo is composed as a semblance of a quantum computer, and The Inverted Journey (Mirror) is a video work that reflects our intimate relationship with our mobile devices and technology. Both works are based on an investigation of lithium extraction in northern Portugal. The use of this chemical element, an alkali metal, can be found in many industries today, with a large presence on the production of batteries of cars, smartphones and other devices. It is also a chemical used in the treatment of a few psychological conditions such as bipolar disorder. The Inverted Journey is a comment on the contemporary condition of individuals and their growing lack of presence in society.

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