Fact & Trouble
Martine Syms

Fact & Trouble is an exhibition of new and recent photography, video, and sculpture by Martine Syms (b. 1988), a Los Angeles based artist with an ongoing interest in historiography, semiotics, and pop. Syms is interested in how language and physical gestures are used within the American media as expressions of identity.

Exhibition Fact & Trouble
Artists Martine Syms
Venue ICA
Photography Mark Blower

Her ICA exhibition will feature works derived from her recent video series Lessons, an incomplete poem in 180 sections. Each Lesson takes the form of a 30-second TV clip. The footage, which is original and appropriated, is a distillation of everyday life.

Syms is the founder of Dominica, a publishing imprint dedicated to exploring black aesthetics in visual culture. Through publishing, video, and performance Syms explores the making and reception of meaning in present- day America.

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