Lise Bouissière

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present a new installation by London-based artist Lise Bouissière. A transformable sculpture made of salvaged branches that can be dressed in an infinity of materials.

Exhibition Gowns
Artists Lise Bouissière
Date 01.07.23 - 25.10.23
Venue The Smallest Gallery, London
All images Courtesy by the artist

Wild herbs, feathers, little flowers, and fallen leaves are examples of elements that are covering the main structure, forming a modulable 3D landscape extracted from its surrounding environment. Due to its transformability and because it is made of found material, the sculpture questions the themes of regeneration, ephemerality and infinity. The piece embodies the balance of opposite scales between the opulent branch skeleton and the tiny plants fixed on it. Gowns is an invitation to explore our natural environment and to pay attention to its most discreet and delicate elements. It echoes the London cityscape in constant evolution in which cranes could be compared to giant insects. The sculpture will evolve during the time of the exhibition.

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