Bovis à 13.000
Éric Giraudet de Boudemange

The exhibition is the result of voyages the artist made between Gap and Briançon from 2018 to the beginning of 2019. While criss-crossing the country, he met many different characters: a shepherd, a historian, an energy and touch healer, a couple of sheep shearers, an alterna- tive healer, two farmers and their families, as well as a masseuse, energy healer and family constellation therapist. The majority of them practice an activity related to health care – of the spirit or of the body – whether it is destined for humankind, animals or the world that surrounds us.

Exhibition Bovis à 13.000
Artists Éric Giraudet de Boudemange
Venue Centre d'art Les Capucins, Embrun
Text Karin Schlageter
All images François Deladerrière

It is through drawing from these energies of the mountain, associating among them tradi- tional know-how (metalworking, felting, wood sculpting….) that Éric Giraudet has worked to bring to light the tensions and links between nature and culture, tracing a symbolic line between the mythical figures of nature and ecological concerns. Taking for a starting point the religious past of the art center, the artist asked Manon Escoffier, an Ayurvdic masseuse and family constellation therapist, to “scan” the chapel of the Capucins using her pendulum. This is the result: the site vibrates at 11,500 bovis. The Bovis unit is a unit of measure sometimes used in divining. It expresses the vibrational level or the cosmo-telluric energy of a place or of a body. And when the pendulum is told that the space is an art center, it begins to vibrate at 13000 bovins, taking its energy level to the limit of the spiritual plane. At the Capucins, the artists spins the pastoral metaphor, evoking – not without humor – the nostalgia of an original alliance between Man and Nature in a bucolic world. In this way, the works presented strive for a inter-species future where humans will become hybridized with animals and even plants. The artworks reach toward the harmony of a world where the cosmo-telluric energies circulate freely in and between bodies. It is with benevolence that they invite us toward a raising of consciousness: that we all participate in a vast cycle of life where carrion is our common destiny. And it is with a light heart that we can now represent ourselves to ourselves, all of us, one day digested by worms, transformed into fertile humus.

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