Artur Lescher

The exhibition Suspensão by Artur Lescher examines the most important moments in the artist’s career and gathers 120 works, including installations, sculptures, models, and sketchbooks. The exhibition highlights how Lescher has concerned himself with the concept of gravity since the start of his career, using engineering and mathematics to support his own poetic expression.

Exhibition Suspensão
Artists Artur Lescher
Venue Pinacoteca of São Paulo

Artur Lescher (São Paulo, 1962)’s sculpture first drew critical attention following his participation in the 19th Bienal de São Paulo in 1987. The artist has since gone on to explore his relationship with the exhibition space, intervening subtly in this space to leave the observer with a memory of that place. In pursuing this concern, his interests range from model building to astrology, through mathematics, architecture and mythology.

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